Reilly Congratulates Gardai And Revenue Commissioners

Local senator Dr James Reilly (FG) has congratulated Gardai and Revenue Commissioners on the closure of an illicit cigarette factory in Co Louth.

He said: “I am delighted that Gardai and Revenue Commissioners have confiscated 25 million illegal cigarettes, with a street value of €12 million, in a major operation.

Dr Reilly has just returned from Copenhagen where he was keynote speaker at the Danish Cancer Society conference, titled ‘Tobacco end game Denmark.’

“Cigarettes kill one in two or half the persons who engage in that addiction, Nearly 900,000 die from second hand smoke generated by smokers and cigarettes. They are a scourge on the world and our nation, bringing sadness and severe terminal illness to many families.
“Illicit cigarettes are doubly dangerous because we have no idea what deadly chemicals are in them. All tobacco products contain over 4,000 chemicals, 60 of which can cause cancer.

“We must remain eternally vigilant against the increasing spread of smoking, which kills our people indiscriminately.

Children and young people are targeted by these criminals offering illegal cigarettes at cheaper prices so they can get them addicted to tobacco. These thugs and criminals do not care about our children said Dr Reilly

“We must continue the fight against big tobacco and illegal tobacco and to make Ireland ‘Tobacco-Free’ by 2025 for our children’s sake,” said Dr Reilly.