Quinn Welcomes Family Resource Centre In Balbriggan

Balbriggan based councillor Malachy Quinn (SF) has welcomed the decision by the Minister Zappone to provide funding to establish a Family Resource Centre in Balbriggan.

This came following numerous calls for vital Family Support services and on foot of the pop up Resource centre put in place in Castleland Community Centre by the Blanchardstown Area Partnership, the body assigned to support community development in the area.

Cllr Quinn said: “As the youngest town in the State, with a high percentage of young families who have made Balbriggan their home, it was vital that supports were establish to assist these young families, I have been calling for such a centre since coming onto the council in 2014.

“I had met with Adeline O’Brien of Blanchardstown Area Partnership and had called for the need for a resource centre, as well as youth projects to be championed by the Partnership. I am very pleased that this call had been heard.

“ My Sinn Fein colleague and member of the LCDC Cllr Natalie Treacy had informed me that an agreement was reached by the committee, with the support locally of TULSA, that a formal application would be made to TULSA nationally to fund such a centre, resulting in the Minister supporting the application.”

It is believed that Aster Family Support would have the remit for managing such a centre – as they have critical expertise through the management of such centres in Coolock & Darndale. This project would hopefully be assisted by the socio- economic development work currently in its early stage by Fingal County Council to improve the community & economic potential of the town.

Balbriggan has seen its population treble in the last 15 years without any real investment in essential services such as family support, Health or community. I very much welcome the work undertaken by Ms Adeline O’Brien, Chairperson of Blanchardstown Area Partnership to make a family resource centre in Balbriggan a reality”