Portrane Home Deemed Unsafe To Live In

Local family must leave their home of 18 years at Burrow, Portrane Co Dublin, after a dangerous building notice was formally served on the premises.

An engineering survey was carried out on behalf of Fingal Co Council which deemed the property unsafe and as such, the family have been advised to vacate their home for their own safety.

Currently there is no national fund or assistance for families whos homes have been threatened by the advance of the sea.

Speaking to the County Leader, Cllr Tom O’Leary said ‘I have advised the unfortunate family, who are now effectively homeless, to contact Fingal housing department, whom I understand are ready to assist and advise the family on their options.’

He continued, ‘It’s not satisfactory that this has been ongoing for 6 years. As a councillor, I am very frustrated by the slow progress in arriving at a solution to this problem. There is a sea barrier on the beach that if the tide breaches it, maybe 1000 people or more will be stranded in their homes, cut off by the sea.’

He continued, ‘It is a source of great worry to at least 13 homes in the Burrow Portrane area, to Pipers Restaurant and Takeaway and The Brook Inn local pub, which are all located on the seaward side. We need the consultants appointed and a list of compliant works drawn up as soon as possible. Furthermore we need regular updates at council meetings on progress in solving this threat to homes from the sea.’

He concluded, ‘my heart goes out to the family at the centre of this red tape procedural storm. There is one thing certain, the tide is coming in and it will continue to come in and rise on high tide or spring tide days and will continue to threaten homes and businesses in the area.’

At a recent meeting with the County Council, a motion put forward by O’Leary was passed, whereby appointed consultants will be asked to consider and examine if short term measures can be taken to protect the coastline and the properties at the Burrow Portrane.