Disruption In The Pipeline For Swords Traders

North Street, SwordsNorth Street, Swords

Fingal Dublin Chamber and traders from North Street in Swords held a meeting with Irish Water at the Carnegie Court Hotel in Swords this month, to discuss the problems associated with the 30-inch water mains that will dissect the heart of Swords.

Chamber CEO, Anthony Cooney spoke to the County Leader about how the remedial works can be minimized to suit businesses on North Street. ‘We are very lucky in that there is new technology being used, whereby the new piping can be inserted into the older piping, minimilising disruption where possible to both traders and civilians alike,’ He said.

He continued, ‘disruption will vary by location and every attempt will be made to keep disruption to a minimum.’

He concluded, ‘one thing we all took from the meeting is that this works is a necessity, as the current piping is leaking 44 million litres of water each month, the same ammount needed to run the town of Rush.’

Kieran Argue, proprietor of Kieran James Hair Stylists was one of many business people who wanted a one-way system for traffic in the area for the duration of the roadworks.

He said: “It was the same kind of meeting that we had beforehand. There were more business people from different areas than in the previous meeting. Irish Water were in attendance to inform traders and residents of what actually is happening.

“Down in North Street, they’re saying that it will reach us by about August, with plans for it to be completed entirely by mid-October. They are on schedule on Forest Road, so they are now speaking to businesses on Main Street, as far as traffic management is concerned. They will consult with every section as they move down the town, from Forest Road, all the way down to North Street.

“At least we will have some input into how the traffic is going to move.”

When asked if there was any word on the one-way system, as reported in our most recent edition of the County Leader, Mr Argue said: “No, not yet, but the one-way system in North Street has to by passed by the County Council, but there is plenty of time to address that issue, when the time comes, They promised to negotiate with us on that and we are sticking to our guns,” he said.