Broadband Access Must Be Increased

Super-Fast Broadband On The Way

Sinn Féin TD for Dublin Fingal, Louise O’Reilly has challenged the Minister for Communications Denis Naughten to increase broadband provision and speeds for Fingal.

She said: “There is a serious problem with broadband in Ireland. We are 21st out 25 EU member states in terms of broadband speeds, behind Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, and Jersey.

“In Fingal, there are severe connectivity problems. This is particularly acute in Balbriggan, where the issue of the availability of broadband is preventing the town and the rural area from achieving its potential economically.

“Even on a social level, it is having a devastating effect. The people of Fingal want to be able to Skype their parents or children or book tickets for a concert or to go see the Dubs online, but the connectivity problems are restricting what they can do.

“The Minister needs to make sure that, under the National Broadband Plan that Fingal, Balbriggan, and other broadband black spots in north county Dublin get access to high quality broadband and that they get it as quickly as possible.

“High speed broadband has the possibility of transforming Ireland, but we can’t just bring it to big population centres, the small towns and countryside needs it too.”