Swords To Lead The Way In Reusable Cups

Mark Henry, Green PartyGreen Party representative for Swords and Donabate, Mark Henry is pictured with a reusable cup, which he is hoping will be accepted in all coffee shops in Swords

Mark Henry, Green Party representative for Swords and Donabate, has launched a campaign to make Swords the first reusable cup town in Dublin.

He said: “I am asking every cafe in Swords to give a discount to customers who bring their own cup, as this will save everyone money and reduce litter.

“Half of the cafés in Swords already offer their customers a discount, and Henry congratulated Look Mam No Hands!, Starbucks, Esquires, Butlers and Insomnia for leading the way. “It’s astonishing to think that we use two million disposable coffee cups in Ireland every single day.

The cost of them is included in your coffee, most of them end up in bins, and a lot of them are un-recyclable, even if you do put them in the green bin. So they’re a waste, and a waste of money.” “You can save money and reduce litter if you bring your own reusable cup when you are getting a take-out.

“I am now asking all the other local cafés to follow suite. We can make Swords the first reusable cup town in Dublin if every shop offered their customers a bring-your-own discount. We bring our own plastic bags when we go shopping, so let’s start bringing our own reusable cups.” “If your local café doesn’t offer a discount, then please ask them to introduce one. This is a simple way for us to improve our community, and to save everyone money”, Henry concluded.