Swords Lions Host Diabetes Screening Event

Swords LionsPictured at the Swords Lions Club free Diabetes Screening event at the Pavilions SC are Tracy O’Driscoll, Boroimhe Cherry, Swords (right) with nurse Emma O’Brien

Swords and District Lions Club held their first Diabetes Screening event in the Swords Pavilions Shopping Centre, recently.
Maurice Kealy, Secretary Swords and District Lions Club said: “We were delighted with the uptake where 433 people undertook the simple blood test screening. We are very grateful to our nursing team, three young ladies from Swords, Emma O’Brien, Laura Carter and Fiona Trimble, who gave freely of their time, had a wonderful interaction with those being tested and were an absolute credit to their profession.

“We are also very grateful to Ian Hunter, Manager of the Pavilions for facilitating this event there and indeed for his general support for local Lions activities. Lions Clubs in Ireland carryout this as a core activity, particularly during the National Ploughing Championships where the target is 7000 people to be tested.”

In Ireland, 200,000 people have been diagnosed as having Diabetes, and a further 200,000 are likely to have it but are not diagnosed. Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke and early death.

The purpose of the test is to identify asymptomatic individuals who may have Diabetes and not know it, and refer them to qualified healthcare professionals for additional assessment. See www.diabetes.ie for further information.