Safe Cycling Campaign Launched In Swords

Safe Cycle campaignPictured above: Members of Swords Cycling Club enjoy a light-hearted moment as they prepare to leave Swords Castle for Skerries at the launch of the Stayin’ Alive 1.5 Safe Cycling campaign

One hundred locals, many from various cycling clubs across the North County cycled from Swords Castle to Skerries to mark the launch of the Safe Cycling Campaign recently.

The campaign encourages drivers to maintain a 1.5 metre distance between themselves and cyclists to reduce cyclist deaths and injuries.

The Stayin’ Alive at 1.5 Campaign was originally promoted by Wexford cyclist Phil Skelton after he was nearly run off the road by a car while cycling before it was supported by Wexford County Council.

As part of a wider Cycle Safety Campaign, the Council is recommending that drivers maintain a 1.5 metre distance between themselves and cyclists in an effort to reduce cyclist deaths and injuries. The roads are a shared space but cyclists have a greater risk of being hurt while commuting to work or cycling for fun. They are asking drivers to be conscious of this and to keep a safe distance between themselves and cyclists to prevent injuries and fatalities. There will be road signs in place throughout the county to raise awareness of the campaign and to encourage safe driving so that cyclists can travel safely on our roads.”

The campaign also includes a School Cycle Training Programme to educate primary school children on the importance of practicing safe cycling.

Welcoming the launch, Council chief executive Paul Reid said: “In Fingal we have many active cycling clubs and residents who cycle to work and school so it is essential that we make the roads safe for them to use. By simply being aware of cyclists and giving them enough space, we can reduce the risk of deaths and injuries on our roads.”