Local Reps Differ Over New Metro

metro northAn Artist's Impression of Metro North

Fine Gael Senator, James Reilly has said the Project Ireland 2040 plan will support families and strengthen communities in the North County and will ensure sustainable growth for the future of the county.

He also says that Day Hospital Diagnostic centre for Swords major urban area is a real possibility where Hernias, Gall Bladder, cataracts, plastic surgery, minor injury e.g. Sports injuries, X-rays, scans other tests all could be done in Swords. “I welcome the decisions to move on the Dublin Metro project and connect it further to the south side of Dublin.

It’s critical for the future development of Fingal and to provide modern urban transport for our area.

“Metro Link (estimated. cost €3bn, estimated completion date 2027) will be a light rail system from Swords, via Dublin Airport to Dublin’s south city centre (operating in tunnel under the city centre) and onwards to Sandyford using the existing Luas Green Line.

“This will provide Dublin with a high capacity, high-frequency cross-city rail corridor serving key destinations such as Swords, Dublin Airport, Dublin City University, Ballymun, the Mater Hospital and existing destinations along the Luas Green Line to Sandyford. Metro Link will provide faster reliable journey times to and from these key destinations while offering interchange with other rail, DART Expansion, light rail and bus services

“I welcome the decisions to move on the Dublin Metro project and connect it further to the south side of Dublin.”
However, Fianna Fáil TD, Darragh O’Brien has said that the people of North County Dublin have been left waiting too long for a project (Metro) that has been in the pipeline year after year and the fact that “close to 3,000 days were wasted without progress on Metro North” and accusing the Government of reannouncing a seven-year-old plan, launched by Fianna Fáil
He said: “It has been reported that once again, changes are expected to be made to the long promised, long overdue transport project; Metro North.

“The transport link to the airport and on to Swords is absolutely essential particularly as traffic gridlock continues to heighten across the city and surrounding suburbs.

“The Government bought themselves five years to dawdle by suggesting that they were reviewing the project.
“It has taken Government seven years to finally see sense and revert back to Fianna Fáil’s original project plan.
“It is frustrating and deeply regrettable that seven years have been wasted by inaction and a lack of political will from this Government. Once again, North Dublin has been ignored.

“Much work will be needed to restore the public’s faith in this transport system ever being delivered. Repeated promises are no longer enough,” he concluded.