Cities of Light – Irish Tour

Bhakti Yoga is one of the three types of Yoga that has been brought to the West by the Spiritual Masters.

It is considered by many as the easiest path of Yoga to attain enlightenment. Bhakti Yoga is centred around developing a personal relationship with the Divine, in such a way that unconditional acceptance of oneself blossoms and pure love flows to others.

As this Divine Love arises within, so does the self-confidence to apply it in everyday life. You can experience the bliss that is created by practicing Bhakti Yoga in a unique evening of meditation, sound healing, spiritual talks and heart music in North County Dublin.

Bhakti Marga are a group who dedicate themselves to the practice of Bhakti Yoga and are on tour in the Republic of Ireland. They first visit North County Dublin, to host a free event at The Maldron Hotel, Dublin Airport on Friday 9th March from 7pm-10pm.

Bhakti Marga are inviting everyone to experience the powerful group healing practice of OM Chanting which uses the transformational power of OM.

“Where can Spirituality take us?” will be the topic for an inspirational talk that will show us how to overcome negativity and explain how we can achieve inner strength through meditation. The evening finishes with an incredible mix of Sanskrit and Gaelic songs that are composed using guitar, harmonium, drums and vocals to create a unique emotive musical experience.
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