Forty Years Since First Live Birth From IVF


This year marks the 40th birthday of the first ever IVF baby Louise Brown. IVF has changed significantly since 1978.

In the early days of IVF, women had to be admitted to clinics for a long period of time for treatment while treatments such as egg donation, egg sharing, sperm sharing, specific fertility drugs, dedicated lab equipment, catheters, ICSI needles and many things taken for granted in modern day IVF treatments, were all unheard of in 1978.

World renowned fertility expert from Beacon Care Fertility Simon Fishel says: “2018 marks a significant landmark with 40 years since the first live birth from IVF treatment. In my early career things were so different and treatment was a lot less streamlined than it is now.

“The developments in recent years have really helped to improve outcomes for patients. Specifically the development of ICSI – Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection – which involves the injection of a single sperm directly in to the cytoplasm of an egg using a fine glass needle, has made a huge impact in the treatment of male factor infertility.

“Also the creation of CAREmaps is hugely significant as this treatment enables embryologists to select the embryo which provides the best chance of a baby.”