Find Out How Fit You Are

University College Dublin’s (UCD) Institute for Sport and Health is inviting members of the public to partake in Ireland’s first large scale research study into the role of genetics on fitness and health.

Irish life-sciences company, Genomics Medicine Ireland Ltd (GMI) has partnered with UCD’s Institute for Sport and Health to undertake the GenoFit Research Study on UCD’s Belfield campus.

The study is combining advanced scientific technology in genomics, the study of all of a person’s genes, together with detailed lifestyle information and key health indicators to provide a comprehensive view of the potential genetic factors contributing to fitness and health.

Volunteers will receive confirmation of their blood sugar and blood pressure levels; a Body Mass Index (BMI) report and the results of a free Dexa Scan, which measures bone and body fat percentage. These are the key indicators that will help you determine the dietary and fitness regime best suited to your needs.

Participation is free and requires volunteers to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire, undertake a short fitness test and undergo a mini health screen and provide a blood sample for genetic analysis.

Dublin All Ireland winning footballer Jack McCaffrey, a final year UCD medical student, said: “I am absolutely delighted to be involved with the promotion of the GenoFit Research Study. Fitness is something that has always interested me and been a part of my life and I would encourage as many people as possible to get involved”.

The GenoFitResearch Study is open to anyone aged 18 and older. To book your free appointment email