New Defibrillator Fitted At Rush NS

Rush NS defibrillatorPictured proudly displaying the new defibrillator at Rush NS are principal Morgan Doran and pupils Anna Kelly, Conor Kelly, Ciara Murphy and Darragh Kelly

A new life saving difibrillator has been fitted at Rush National School. It comes in the wake of events recently in Gaelscoil Ros Eo, where a 9 year-old old boy collapsed and went into sudden cardiac arrest.

Thankfully he had people around him who knew and started CPR without any delay. He was also within minutes of an AED in St Maur’s GAA club. This was the best possible outcome and it’s almost certain without the use of the defibrillator, this story would have ended quite differently. CPR is essential and vital but the only thing that will put the heart back into rhythm is a shock from an AED/Defibrillator.

Principal Morgan Doran said: “The safety of the school community has always been, and remains, a priority for the Board of Management of Rush National School. Our Parents’ Association kindly donated a defibrillator to the school a number of years ago and thankfully we have never had to use it.

“We are an extremely active school, with a large number of sporting activities taking place daily, both on and off site. We recently received a donation of an additional two defibrillators. This now means that when a group is travelling off site they can bring a defibrillator with them. We would like to thank Alan and Fionnula Kelly, Golf Road Nurseries and Tommy and Gerry Murphy, Murphy Minibuses, for their extremely generous donations.

“As a staff, we have a basic 1st Aid accredited course completed. In addition to this, we also have two “Occupational First Aid” certified teachers. However, we recently decided to take our training to a higher level and the Board of Management kindly offered to fund an advanced 1st Aid course for all the staff of our school. Obviously, we jumped at the opportunity and every teacher is now a qualified “Cardiac First Responder”. We hope that we never need to use this training but take great confidence from having completed the course.”