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Garda Overtime Must Be Reinstated

An Garda SíochánaFile Photo - An Garda Síochána

All garda overtime for regular police operations in Dublin has been abolished because the garda budget for 2017 has been exhausted.

The shocking revelation, which will have a profoundly negative effect on the North County, was made in a letter by the city’s most senior officer Assistant Commissioner Pat Leahy to all chief superintendents in the gardai’s Dublin Metropolitan Region (DMR).

Local councilor Darragh Butler (FF) said: “This is shocking news. One of the main complaints I am getting at the moment is lack of Garda resources. Residents are having to protests in Balbriggan due to gangs roaming freely with no Garda responses and now this. Shocking and potentially disastrous news for North County Dublin.”

Local Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell said it’s vital that Gardaí are adequately paid for their work.

He said: “Front line Gardaí do work of the utmost importance in terms of ensuring our that local communities are secure and that people feel safe in their own homes.

“This is of particular importance over the festive period when road safety campaigns, for example, are vital.

“The demands of the work of the men and women of An Garda Síochána are often dependent on the circumstances of any given day. As such, overtime can be required at short notice.

“To curtail overtime could create additional challenges in terms of front line policing duties.

“As a former member of the Oireachtas Justice Committee, I believe we must ensure the people who work so hard to keep us safe must be paid for the work they do.”

Deputy Farrell called on the issue to be addressed promptly. “Action must be taken urgently to address this issue regarding overtime for Gardaí and we must ensure our front line Gardaí have the support and resources they both require and deserve.”