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Dowling Urges Progress On Rathbeale Road Upgrade

Bob Dowling is pictured on Rathbeale Road in SwordsBob Dowling is pictured on Rathbeale Road in Swords

Fine Gael Local Area Representative, Bob Dowling has stressed the need for progress on the proposed Rathbeale Road upgrades.

The changes, which were announced by the council over two months ago, were the subject of controversy in County Hall recently when various councillors expressed their concerns and the concerns of local residents at a Swords Area Committee meeting, where the proposed upgrades were outlined.

Understandably, concerns about possible diversion of traffic about the upgrades were subject to anxious questioning of the council officials.

Commenting on the current situation, Dowling said: “The situation that has evolved is very delicate. I spent many hours canvassing the local residents in many of the affected areas back in August and I did get the feeling that despite the support for the proposals, many believed there were faults with the plans.

“That is why I encouraged residents to make submissions, and I am delighted that they did. However there now needs to be a compromise between the council planners and the councillors.”

Residents, with many stating their concerns around road diversions, made a total of 111 submissions. Dowling has become increasingly worried that the delay of these upgrades could cause the Department of Education to postpone the construction of a new secondary school in Mooretown.

“I was thrilled when I learned of the construction of a new secondary school for the Swords area, however I fear that the delay of these road upgrades would stall the development of the school for a second time. The road improvements are vital to provide access to the site. I would hate to see the building of this school put in jeopardy.”

Finally, he urged a quick solution that is acceptable to all parties. “The timeframe for these issues to be resolved is narrowing. The Department of Education want to open the school in September 2018. I believe it is now up to the councillors to come up with solutions and to allow these upgrades to proceed. I want the councillors, the residents and the future students of the school to gain a preferable outcome when this comes before the council on November 13th.”