Substantial Funding For Local Seafood Company


Local senator, Dr James Reilly has confirmed that Balbriggan based seafood enterprise, Rockabill Seafoods is to benefit from €619,350 funding.
Rockabill Seafood Ltd received grant aid under The Seafood Capital Investment Scheme, which supports capital investment in state of the art equipment to produce value added seafood products thus maximising the return from raw materials.

Reilly said: “I am delighted to announce a further €619,350 in funding for the very successful Rockabill Seafood Ltd based in Balbriggan and run by the Price family. The funding comes from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. Rockabill Seafood Ltd are to receive grant aid of €619,350 on a major investment of €2,141,045. It’s great to see local companies doing well on a world stage,” said Reilly.

The company employs over 220 people and exports to 24 countries worldwide, with an estimated turnover in the region of €20m-€40m.
Reilly said, “Cllr Tom OLeary voted to approve the sale of land by the County Council to Rockbill Seafood Ltd in Balbriggan, to enable this successful ambitious local company to expand its operation in Balbriggan. This substantial grant and the extra land made available by the Council will provide more local jobs in Balbriggan.”

Rockabill Seafood operate their own trawler fishing fleet of 14 trawlers and also deal with a carefully monitored and selected fleet of 100 independent trawlers. They take supply from some of the richest wild fishing grounds around Ireland, enabling them to deliver a world class product.
The grant awards are supporting both capital and innovation projects in seafood processing and aquaculture.

“A total of €3,100,055 in funding will be given to 13 seafood enterprises in seven different counties around the country under the scheme and will support total investment of €6.9 million in 2017. These grant awards contribute to the Action Plan for Rural Development,” he concluded.