Rush Playground Must Be Opened

Clifford LeeLocal senator, Lorraine Clifford Lee is pictured outside the closed playground in Seabrook estate in Rush

Local senator, Lorraine Clifford Lee (FF) has said that the situation regarding the out of use playground in the Seabrook estate in Rush must be urgently rectified to avoid any further disruption for families in the area.

Clifford-Lee told the County Leader, “It is bitterly disappointing for homeowners and new families with young children living in the area, that the playground which was developed as part of the estate, has been closed for the past number of months.”

“There appears to be little clarity regarding the playground and its use. Residents have been kept in the dark by both the Council and the estate’s developer, but have been left to deal with their children having nowhere to play. This is particularly stressful as children are on their summer break from school, but have no green space or safe area to play.”

“It’s important to note that these families purchased their home based on the plans for the estate, the playground was included in the plans and will have no doubt influenced many to move to the estate,” she said.

“A thorough explanation must be offered and a resolution reached between council officials and the developer involved in Seabrook. Any dispute regarding takeover or ownership of the playground needs to be smoothed out as a matter of urgency to avoid any further threats to children’s health and safety.”

“I have written to the County Council to seek an update on the space and have requested an explanation as to why the playground remains cordoned off and out of use.”

“If there are no plans to open the playground, despite it being built and essentially ready to open, then the equipment should be dismantled and a green area left in it’s place for children to play safely. A decision needs to be reached,” she concluded.