Approval For New Town Centre For Lusk

Tom O'LearyLocal councillor, Tom O'Leary is pictured on Station Road in Lusk beside the entrance to Orlynn Park, with the location for the new Lusk Town Centre to the right of the picture

The news that the new Lusk Town Centre proposal, scheduled for the heart of Lusk has been given approved by Bord Pleanala, has been given an enthusiastic welcome by a local county councillor.

Cllr. Tom O’Leary (FG) said that the new development has the potential to create over 200 local retail and service jobs in the town.

He told the County Leader, “I welcome the confirmation that the long awaited new town centre facilities for Lusk have been approved by Bord Pleanala on 21st July last. I note there have been some concerns by community organisations in Lusk about the scale and intensity of this proposal, but Bord Pleanala have taken those concerns into account by scaling back on some of the commercial development.”

“The proposed retail discount store, the drive through restaurant and the petrol station have all been excluded and removed by Bord Pleanala, who recommend that this portion of the site be replaced by appropriate residential development,” confirmed O’Leary.

The site area covers 18 acres right in the centre of Lusk, which is now a town of 10,000 residents which will grow to 12,500 over the next number of years under the current Fingal Development Plan.

“There is a need for more facilities in Lusk and residents have repeatedly made that case to me. They have spoken to me about the lack of facilities in Lusk and they ask me, why we don’t have coffee shops in Lusk, why have we no gyms and a bigger shopping centre. This development will provide all of these and, while it will be a challenge to build it; for example they will need an anchor tenant, a large supermarket that is willing to take the main supermarket there, otherwise it will not be viable. I’m looking forward to it being built and I believe that most people in Lusk will welcome it.”

O’Leary continued, “Lusk has a lot of young families. The schools project is advancing and the new secondary school will start this year and this is very positive news for Lusk. The creation of 200 new local retail jobs, with money going into local homes and the new retail choice and greater competition is something to be welcomed. I think it is now a good plan, so let’s get on with developing Lusk, like every other town across the North County in a nice, timely organised manner and give residents more retail and recreational facilities that they are crying out for.”

“I believe that this key development on this central site in the town will fulfil some of those needs and provide choice to the residents of Lusk which has a young energetic growing population”, concluded O’Leary.