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An Accident Waiting To Happen

Joe Newman Local councillor, Joe Newman is pictured struggling to make headway along the section of overgrown hedging on the footpath adjacent to the Estuary Roundabout in Swords.

A very hazardous situation for pedestrians to the north of Swords, has been highlighted recently. It involves a potentially dangerous footpath running from the Lissenhall Industrial Park, where the HSE Ambulance is located, as well as other businesses. This pathway, as it approaches the Estuary Roundabout beside Fingallians GAA grounds, becomes overgrown and inaccessible. Pedestrians here are forced to climb over a crash barrier of the busy R132 to continue their journey on a narrow sliver of grass, right along the road.

This area is also home to Eve Estuary, which is attended by people with intellectual disabilities. It is believed that some of these service providers may use this pathway from time to time.

Local councillor, Joe Newman (NP) contacted the County Leader and said, “I was contacted by a local resident who notices people travelling by foot along the grass footpath on their way to Swords. There are a number of local businesses in the area and workers may have a need to use this footpath from time to time. It is also the only pedestrian access to Swords. I inspected the area and I will be putting in a request to the Operation Department of the County Council to have this footpath made more accessible,” he said.

For anyone trying to access this area by foot, this represents a major safety hazard, particularly as there is a southbound Bus Eireann stop at Lissenhall. This indicates that passengers will alight here and may proceed on foot from here. It has also been noticed that pedestrians cross the R132, to access the northbound R132, a very dangerous thing to do, rather than proceed southbound to the pedestrian fly-over bridge, thus avoiding this perilous pathway.

The County Leader contacted the County Council about when this overgrown section of pathway would be addressed. A spokesperson replied, “The matter has been referred to the Inspector for the area who will examine the location. If the report is correct any works required will be carried out as soon as possible.”