Episode Of Drama Series Filmed In Swords

Striking OutPictured at the rear of Swords Court House are cast and crew members of RTE TV drama ‘Striking Out’

The cast and crew of the hit drama series, ‘Striking Out’, were spotted filming an episode of the successful drama series at Swords Court recently. The drama aired in January last and was well received in America this spring.

The drama is based in Dublin, where Tara Rafferty (Amy Huberman The Clinic) stars as a solicitor who catches her fiancé Eric (Roary Keenan, Peaky Blinders) cheating on her. Unfortunately for Tara she has to continue to work in the same circles as Roary and the story goes on. The drama also includes the well known actor, Neil Morrissey (Men Behaving Badly) who plays senior counsel Vincent Pike, a mentor to Tara.

The drama is now currently filming season two, so if you haven’t watched this drama yet when you do there is a little piece of the North County on the way for you.