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Whiskey Galore From Lambay!

Lambay CastleLambay Castle

The development of new whiskeys is something that is in vogue at the moment and this trend is particularly prevalent among the hierarchy in this country, with lords across the nation putting their names to the popular tipple.

Not to be outdone, North County Dublin is the latest region to get in on the act and none other than Lord Revelstoke, who lives in the castle on Lambay Island, is set to become the latest Anglo-Irish aristocrat to launch a whiskey venture, or at least the water on his island is.

It is understood that Lord Revelstoke’s venture, backed by Camus Cognac, will launch later this month. The French cognac producer also entered into discussions with Lord Mountcharles before the Slane Castle owner struck a deal with Brown-Forman, the maker of global brands such as Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and Finlandia vodka .

The whiskey is expected to be produced in Cork, with water sourced from Lambay Island. The new business, entitled ‘Lambay Irish Whiskey Company’, was formed in February in partnership with Camus Cognac. The thought of transporting water from such a remote location across, at times, turbulent seas to be transported all the way to Cork, beggars belief. Is there something special in the waters of Lambay that would justify such devotion to duty.?

While this seems like a good entrepreneurial move by Lord Revelstoke, otherwise known as Alexander Baring, a descendant of the founder of the famed Barings Bank.

The first question that locals will ask, relates to why Lambay water was selected for making the whiskey over any other water in the country, as already mentioned.

Another question relates to where the water comes from – is it from a well, or a spring and how much water will be used, how will it be transported to Cork and if a licence or permission is required to remove water on such a scale from the island?.

We contacted the County Council and asked if there were any restrictions in removing water from the island. A spokesperson replied, “If someone is abstracting groundwater they have to register this with the Council, if they are abstracting more than 25 cubic metres per day. We are required under the Water Pollution Act to keep a register of these abstractions. Also, it involves a simple registration process and standard procedures with the HSE to ensure that the water ( considered a ‘food stuff’ under the EU Hygiene of Foodstuff Regulations) does not become contaminated during transportation to Cork,” the statement concluded.

Along with Lord Mountcharles, the Slazenger family, who own the Powerscourt Estate in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow have also gotten in on the act. They have joined the band wagon and unveiled plans for a E10m whiskey distillery and visitor centre on the grounds of their estate. Maybe we have unearthed a new whiskey to be consumed in the House of Lords.

Who know, when you are sipping your wee dram in foreign climes, you may well be enjoying Lambay water in a much altered state. Cheers.!