Macari’s Takeaway Produces ITICA Winners

ITICA 1Tracy Reilly is pictured collecting her prize of a Fiat Panda, with her family and all the Macari team at Macaris Food Fare Stamullen, which she won as part of the ITICA half price fish and chip day

The Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association (ITICA) half price fish and chip day that took place on the 31st May last, has produced two prize winners who got their winning tickets from Macari’s Takeaway shops in Balbriggan and Stamullen.

During the celebration of the day, ITICA always has a big give-away and this year, the fabulous prizes were a Fiat Panda car and the runner-up prize was a trip to Rome. The prizes were only available from ITICA member shops. On the day, throughout more than 100 ITICA stores, scratch cards are given to customers and among the scratch cards were two prize winners from each store, to go forward for the draw.

The draw took place on 3rd July and the winners came forward with their winning draw cards which were then put into the lotto. Three names were pulled from the hat, Denis Lane, Tracy Reilly and Fiona Carton.

Each of the winners were given a key for a 172 Fiat Panda. The key that opened the car was declared the winner. Tracy Reilly of Macari’s Foodfare in Stamullen had the key to open the car, and to top it off, the runner up was Fiona Carton of Macari’s Takeaway in Balbriggan, who won the trip to Rome.