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Rush Locals Blast Aldi Over Derelict Site


In response to our article last week regarding derelict buildings on Main Street in Rush, many local residents have vented their anger towards the owners of the site. Many contacted the County Leader regarding the planning permission that was granted for a town centre, to supermarket, Aldi where these derelict houses are located on the Main Street.

One resident said, “Surely the owners of these houses are responsible for their upkeep. It is terrible to see the state they have been left in for years,” she said.

As reported, the derelict buildings are in a dangerous condition, posing a safety hazard for people waiting at the bus stop and for passers-by. Others responded with typical comments to our story saying, “As Aldi are owners of this site, the strong belief of residents is that they need to step up to the mark and literally get their house(s) in order before someone is badly injured, not to talk about the ugly impression that the derelict buildings present to visitors and locals alike. It just brings the whole aspect of the town down, particularly at the height of the tourist season.”