Pedestrian Crossing For Ridgewood

Pedestrian CrossingPedestrian Crossing

The Ridgewood Residents Association in Swords have secured a much needed pedestrian crossing for their busy estate recently. Working for the past two years alongside Cllr Philip Lynam (SF), together they have secured the plans to move forward with the installation of the crossing. Cllr Lynam told the County Leader, “it was great to see the County Council engaging with the residents and taking action to start this process to help families cross, in a safe manner, to the shops with their children.

I have lobbied the Council at local area meetings and put forward numerous questions and motions over the last two years, for a pedestrian crossing at this junction as part of my working with the residents association “I would like to commend the brilliant work the board of Ridgewood Residents Association have done over the last few months, which was put forward at June’s deputation meeting in the council,” he concluded.