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New Drug Crackdown


The EU Commission has stated that they want to clamp down on the sale of the new psychoactive substance furanylfentanyl (sometimes known as China White) across the Union.

The Commissioner responsible said, “The rise in the availability of new psychoactive substances remains a considerable public health challenge in Europe. It is a rapidly evolving and extremely dangerous threat able to cause serious harm and even death. Our response needs to be equally quick and effective and that is why we have recently agreed on a new legislation on new psychoactive substances”. It seems that most of the drug is massed produced in China and is sold on line. So far, furanylfentanyl has been detected in 16 Member States and is associated with 23 deaths, in addition to 11 acute non-fatal poisonings.

Fine Gael MEP, Brian Hayes announced new EU legislation, which is good news for blind and visually impaired people. He says that will benefit significantly from the new EU rules on copyright. This will give greater access to books, as the new regulation will increase the number of books and other copyright materials available in accessible formats such as braille, audio books and large print. He said, “The decision taken by the European Parliament in Strasbourg means that books and other materials that are protected by copyright law can now be easily reproduced in an accessible format for blind and visually impaired people. Up until now visually impaired people only had access to less than 5 per cent of published works in the EU.”

“Everyone has a right to education, information and social participation. The rules up until now have been very unfair. Blind and visually impaired people have been excluded from reading books as they were not published in accessible formats due to copyright rules.” Hayes went on to say, “There are approximately 30 million visually impaired people in the EU who will benefit significantly from this regulation change.”

“It is good to see the European Commission unveiling a new ‘Action Plan’ aimed at supporting Italy’s efforts to cope with the recent wave of refugees crossing the Mediterranean. Italy will receive €35 million in new aid, while the EU envisages cooperation with Libya and other countries of origin to tackle the refugee crisis at the source. The Commission said, “We will show full solidarity with Italy in this struggle.” He added, “Italy has shown an unprecedented level of solidarity with the refugees in the last couple of years. Now everybody needs to do their part on this across Europe.”

Austria appears to have stepped back from deploying troops to stop migrants from crossing their border with Italy. They suggested the troop movement was precautionary. Precautionary or otherwise, it was a foolish and irresponsible action which does no favours to that state’s reputation.