Relief As Constituency Left Unchanged


The news that the Dáil Boundary Commission report has left Dublin Fingal constituency intact, with no changes has been welcomed by local Fianna Fáil TD, Darragh O’Brien. Speaking to the County Leader, O’Brien said, “I welcome this report because we have seen in the past how damaging changes can be to our constituency, when Swords was divided and Portmarnock, Balgriffin and parts of Baskin were excluded from our constituency.”

“There was concern again that our area may be subject to some change. That is why I made a strong written submission to the Boundary Commission outlining my rationale for the importance of Dublin Fingal remaining as one, and that no areas be excluded, as was done in 2011.” “I am very pleased that my views and the views of many other people in Dublin Fingal, who made submissions were taken into account,” he concluded. In summary, the Constituency Commission recommends that the number of members of Dáil Éireann should be 160 and that there should be 39 constituencies of which 13 will be 5 seat, 17 will be 4 seat and 9 will be 3 seat.