Erasmus+ Project Visits Malahide School

Erasmus projectPictured with teacher, Gary Kane are pupils of St Sylvester's National School, Malahide, including Zac, Finbar, Laura, Ava, Maya, Ruben, Ross and Charlie as they greeted visitors to the school as part of the Erasmus+ project at the school last week

St Sylvester’s National School, Malahide has been accepted into an Erasmus+ project for the school years 2016/17 and 2017/18.

The co-ordinators of the project are Mrs. Averill and Mrs. Kelly and they told the County Leader, “We are delighted to announce that our school has been accepted into an Erasmus+ project for the school years 2016/17 and 2017/18. Parents of past pupils may remember our participation in a Comenius Project (the Pippi Longstocking project). The Erasmus+ programme is similar to Comenius. Our project is entitled “Teaching and Learning through iPads/Tablets.”

“We will be working with four other countries (Finland, Turkey, Spain and Poland) and the objective is to share best practice in teaching using iPads. We are delighted to be in this project, as in recent years, the Parents Association fundraised for iPads to be purchased for the school, and we wish to use them in the best way possible.”

They continued, “In the project, schools will exchange information on using iPads in their schools with one another, and staff will have the opportunities to observe lessons, and attend workshops on using iPads in education, by visiting the other schools. Pupils will learn about the other countries and schools through using iPads. This brings the subjects of SESE to life in a real and meaningful way in the classroom.”
“Currently, Senior Infant classes are engaging in mini-projects on researching the other countries which will be displayed on the Erasmus+ notice board in the PE Hall. First classes are embarking on a logo competition to design a logo for the project. Junior Infant classes will visit the notice boards and view powerpoint presentations to begin learning about the other countries.”

Only twenty educational institutions in Ireland have been accepted into this project, so the inclusion of St Sylvester’s NS is quite an achievement.