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Rural Wifi Moves Closer To Reality


Cllr Malachy Quinn (SF) has welcomed the news that public WIFI is a step closer for the rural North County. This follows confirmation from his party colleague Liadh Ní Riada MEP, that her report on WIFI4EU has been adopted by a committee vote last week in Strasbourg.

The public WiFi proposals will now move to the Plenary stage where they are expected to be passed, paving the way for the creation of WiFi hubs in towns and villages across North County Dublin. Ms Ní Riada, who is the lead negotiator on the WiFi4EU project, said the initiative would “help bring connectivity and investment to rural areas”.

Quinn said, “This is an important project for North County Dublin and I now urge all communities without this type of infrastructure to keep an eye on the scheme and avail of it when it is rolled out.”

“It is a very simple but effective idea. It requires a relatively small investment of some E120m Europe-wide that, if used wisely, will have huge returns for the communities it benefits. The basic premise is that we equip as many towns and villages as possible with free wireless internet access, centred on the main centres of public life in that area, by 2020.”

He said that it would be focused on places like parks, squares, libraries, health centres, museums, areas of poverty and in areas where people happen to congregate in numbers.

“This scheme will bear huge benefits for peripheral communities, allowing local social enterprises access to a global market is crucial in today’s economy. These are the backbone to local economies and any initative which benefits our young people in particular and helps them to stay in Ireland has to be welcomed.

“It will be used to promote things like health and e-tourism; the scheme is only as limited as the imagination of the communities it will benefit.