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Local Authors Visit Malahide School

Bookweek4Pictured at Book Week in St Oliver Plunkett's National School, Malahide, are pupils who where part of the day, Pictured is Skerries, children's author Shane Hegarty, with pupils, Bonnie Lu, Anna Gregan, Rebecca O’Reilly and Summer Baker

Pupils of St Oliver Plunkett’s National School, Malahide, were treated to some very special visits by well known children’s book authors. The children were delighted to be able to meet the people who created some of the stories they read about on a regular basis. Malahide native and author Rod Smith had the children well and truly entertained as he spoke to them about the importance of reading and books. Author Kitty K had the pupils all laughing happily as she went through some slides of animals with quirky quotes accompanying them.

Skerries children’s author Shane Hegarty, had the children entranced as he spoke to them about how he ended up becoming an author. He said, “ When I was young I was a big fan of Roald Dahl and I loved to watch him on the television, he had a jar on his desk with his appendix in it and I was very amused by this. I always thought that would be a great job and I was lucky that I became a journalist first and have now written several books. I would say if you love something keep doing it and one day it may become a job. I also have great news and that is that my book Darkmouth is set to become a movie and I’m really excited about this.”

The children were also delighted to meet the Irish novelist, dramatist and screenwriter who has lots of books and plays that the children could relate to. He chatted to the children about his life and his success. Book week was a huge success for the teachers and pupils of St Oliver Plunkett’s and they really got to meet some very talented artists.