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An Attack On The Elderly- Reilly

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Local Fine Gael senator and deputy party leader, Dr James Reilly, said a proposal to end tax reliefs for people who take out private health insurance is an attack on the elderly.

Senator Reilly said signals that the Oireachtas Committee on the Future of Healthcare will recommend scrapping the tax relief measures are an unconscionable move by the left. Reilly, a former Health Minister, said: “This proposal is a further attack by the left on older people who worked hard all their lives building this country.

“Many who may never have used their insurance and now have come to a time in their lives when they might need it are to be further undermined at a time when they’re feeling most vulnerable,” he said.

“Given the current capacity of the public health service, there is no possibility it could cope with the number of people who would find insurance unaffordable. “I am delighted that my Fine Gael colleague, Minister Harris has made it clear that this is neither Government nor Fine Gael policy.”
“It is untenable, unworkable and unconscionable that we would undermine further those who are in most need of their health insurance having paid for it all their lives,” he concluded.