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Drop Everything And Read

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St Finian’s Community College, Swords held their annual “Drop Everything And Read’, initiative recently. The aim of the project was to encourage more reading for students which brings great benefits to the pupils.

English teacher, Keith Young told the County Leader, “ We had a great response to the initiative by the pupils and the teachers also got involved. The aim is to help improve literacy skills and to bring it back to the pupils and homes. The students are allowed to pick a book of choice, preferably something that they are interested in. I suggested to them to ‘pick what you love. statistics prove that as little as five minutes reading a book a day can improve with literacy. We also run a paired reading class where first years pair of with fifth years and this is also very successful.”

“The Junior Cert school programme JCSP will be happening this coming May. In this initiative students that participate basically make a book. They learn how to write a chapter, illustrated and use other skills to make a book. The JCSP is also a credited award that a student can put in their CV,” he said.