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Newman Happy With Accessibility Works

Joe NewmanLocal councillor, Joe Newman is pictured at the corner of Main Street and Bridge Street in Swords, where work is underway to install a new wheelchair ramp at this hazardous location

Local councillor, Joe Newman (NP) has expressed his satisfaction with work currently underway at the hazardous junction at Main Street and Bridge Street in Swords. He said, “I put a motion at a Council meeting regarding the placement of wheelchair ramps there. I received numerous complaints from wheelchair users, many of whom have experienced great difficulty in negotiating this narrow, slanted junction, where they could easily topple onto oncoming traffic,” he said.

“I’m delighted that funding has been allocated and in a short space of time, work has already commenced to eliminate this hazard. I would like to thank the Operations Department of the County Council for their efforts to improve the accessibility for elderly residents and wheelchair users in the Swords area,” he concluded.