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Local Students Visit National Symphony Orchestra

National Symphony OrchestraNational Symphony Orchestra

Loreto Secondary School Balbriggan had a very exciting outing last week, when they visited the National Symphony Orchestra in the city. The music students of third, fifth and sixth year were brought to the NSO with their teachers Ms McFadden, Ms Flynn and Ms Kearns from the music department.
Composer, Paul Rissmann gave illustrated presentations on their set learning and the students had the opportunity to hear the set of works performed by the NCO.

Ms McFadden told the County Leader, “The girls had a brilliant experience and it was the first time to see a live orchestra for many of them. Seeing the live performance helps to bring the music alive for them. When they see the whole orchestra perform together and all the different instruments and musicians playing and following the conductor, it’s inspiring. The girls are studying Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet as it’s a set piece on the Leaving Cert exam and this was a great learning experience for them.” It was Catholic schools week last week and the school marked the week in many ways not only with the visit to the NCO, but on St Brigid’s day they celebrated with morning prayer and some of the students got to visit the Parish Church to celebrate mass in the community.