Council Plays Part In Remarkable Milestone

limerick-visitorPictured is County Mayor, Cllr Darragh Butler as he welcomes Adrian Hogan from Limerick to County Hall, as he undertakes to sit in one Council meeting in each of the local authorities in the whole country

A Limerick man is in the process of achieving a remarkable feat and a recent visit by him to County Hall in Swords, played a crucial part in his efforts to achieve his goal.
Adrian Hogan said, “My intention for 2016 is to attend a full council meeting in the 32 counties of Ireland. I have already attended 37 full council meetings and I attended the full council meeting which took place in the County Hall, Swords on 10th of October last, with the kind permission of members and the Chief Executive. All I needed was a letter on council paper verifying that I attended the meeting, and a photo taken with the Mayor.
The whole purpose of the exercise is to put all the letters I receive into a book for my grand, and great grand children to see what I was doing in 2016 celebrating the centenary of the 1916 Rising.
“There are 42 full councils meeting at present in the 32 counties, 31 in the Republic and 11 in the North. I have been to two municipals, so counting the two, your council meeting was number 39.” Adrian went to a full council meeting in Kilkenny the following day, and that will leave him four full council meetings to go, two in November, and two in December. “I would like to thank you again for helping me to achieve my goal,” he said.
County Mayor, Cllr Darragh Butler said: “I was delighted to welcome Adrian to the gallery for our Fingal full Council meeting in October and he received a spontaneous round of applause from my fellow councillors when I introduced him at the start of the meeting. This is a unique and remarkable way to celebrate 2016 and I will be personally delighted to go into this collection. This will be a fantastic achievement and I wish him well in completing this task over November and December. All I can say is fair play to Mr. Hogan, as our full Council meetings are not easy to sit through and I hope we measured up when compared to all of the others that he has attended,” concluded the Mayor.