Donabate Leisure Centre Are Top Quality

Donabate Leisure CentreDonabate Leisure Centre

There was great news for the Donabate Portrane Community and Leisure centre recently when they were awarded the level 2 Q Mark by the EIQA (Excellence Ireland Quality Association).
The Q Mark is a business excellence award that is given to organisations after they pass an assessment on all areas of their business. This is a highly sought after credential as It signifies that a business is run to a very high standard. The Donabate Portrane Community and Leisure Centre are the only leisure centre across the entire North County who have achieved the Q Mark. Speaking to the County Leader, Jacinta Lowndes, manager of the leisure centre said; “The Q Mark is a quality management system. The EIQA come out and conduct an audit on all of our systems, policies, procedures, etc. So it covers all of the centre and the staffing, how we do our HR, and all our customer care. We were rated on all of those categories so it really is hard work.”
She went on to say; “We did it initially four years ago. First off they come out and do a practice audit and tell you where you need to bring your standards up. So after that we worked on everything they pointed out to us for about 6 months. We had brought our standards up so much that we made level 1, which would be pretty good, but now we are up to level 2. There are only 3 levels so it’s really an achievement. We got a certificate to say that we have achieved level 2 and we got our quality mark and we are allowed to use the logo.” “From the staff point of view everyone gets to take part in an audit so they understand the paperwork that is involved and all the processes behind it. From a business point of view that is very valuable for them to know. The training is continual so there is continual personal development for all of the staff that work here. Outwardly it shows people that use the centre that we have a certain quality system in place that we abide by and we try each year to improve on it “ she said. She concluded by saying; “We have already conducted our audit this year and we have achieved level two again and in fact, higher again, so we are happy with that. We are just delighted to have been given the accreditation and delighted to be the only ones in the North County who have achieved the Q Mark for Leisure Centres.”