New Builds To Be Given ‘Ainmneacha Gaelacha’

social housing

Last week saw the local councillors get their heads together for the annual development plan meetings. Many important issues were raised during this time, and local champion of our native tongue and councillor for the Malahide/Howth area Daire Ni Laoi (SF), has been pushing many worthy objectives.
We reported last week on her campaign for the new secondary school planned for completion in 2017 in the Malahide area to be a Gael Colaiste, but her efforts to increase visibility of the Irish language didn’t stop there.
Ni Laoi raised an objective within the meetings to see any new build housing developments be named in Irish instead of English. The County Leader spoke to her about this issue: “The last number of years most of our housing estates have been named in the English language. Sometimes there would be an Irish version of that English name added to that, but my intention was that we would have new residential estates, named in the Irish language. We have an objective in there already that we have to name them something with historical or cultural significance, so i just wanted to further that by adding in that they be named in the Irish language.”
She told us that her objective is to see an increased visibility of the language: “My whole idea comes from wanting us to start looking to the Irish language for more things, and making it more visible and just getting it out there more. This would be a very simple way to that with no additional cost to anyone or anything like that.”
Ni Laoi went on to say: “I think it would be great. At the moment there is an increased interest in the language and an increased up take in applicants to Gael Scoileanna and Gael Colaiste. We should embrace that. As it stands at the moment the children are leaving school at the end of the day and that is where their observation of the language stops in a lot of cases. I just think if we change little things like this it would make all the difference.”
According to Councillor Ni Laoi the motion was met with some apprehension, this she feels was down to a misunderstanding. “I thought that it would be really very straight forward, but I think there was a little bit of misunderstanding. I think that some people thought that it would be only in Irish with no possibility of it being in English, which obviously to my mind wasn’t what was intended at all. What I would like to see is the Irish name as the pride of place on any signage and then for there to be an English translation there too, the way our signs are at the moment but the opposite way around.”
In the end the objective that ended up going through was that, where appropriate, new builds will be named in Irish, “It is still great news, it does allow for certain words that maybe can’t be translated into Irish and that is fine, so I’m happy at least, that it is going ahead to some degree.” she concluded.