Airport Noise Being Tackled

Planes at Dublin Airport

Malahide councillor, Brian McDonagh (lab) has been pushing a motion forward in the council regarding aviation noise from Dublin Airport. The motion he is pushing forward seeks to restrict the use of night flights at the airport between 11.30pm and 6.30am primarily to emergency or exceptional situations in order to protect residential amenity, and to protect residents from night-time noise and sleep disruption.
The County Leader spoke to Cllr McDonagh about this: “Many people in Portmarnock and Malahide are worried about the potential noise impact of another runway at Dublin Airport. There are also the wider environmental questions related to carbon emissions.” He went on to say; “I proposed a number of motions for the development plan to ensure that any further development at the airport would take into account these two important factors. There is an existing planning permission with conditions which I would regard as reasonable. It was particularly important locally that time based rules for traffic or aircraft movements not be ruled out in the plan.”
“I am very happy the management accepted and agreed the majority of my motions related to the airport. While there is no question of the economic importance of the airport, people’s quality of life needs to be considered” he added.
He concluded by saying; “In the wider context I wonder whether people will look back in 50 years and ask how we could continue on with high carbon projects and industries as if there was no issue when the science of man-made climate change was becoming so clear. With an existing planning permission and wider environmental concerns, I felt specific support for another runway was not needed in the plan.”