TV Documentary On HPV Vaccine


A support group, which was set up by parents of teenage girls, who claim to have developed serious health problems through human pappilomavirus (HPV) vaccine, will have their grievances aired on a documentary. ‘Cervical Vaccine: Is It Safe?’ airs on Monday next, 14th December at 10pm on TV3. It follows a story which was reported in the County Leader last May.
Gardasil is the ingredient in the HPV vaccine, which was administered to teenagers, many from the North County to protect against a virus that causes cervical cancer, his claimed to have caused long-term health difficulties in their daughters.
A number of families in the North County claim that their daughters have experienced life changing effects since being injected with the vaccine in their first year at secondary school. Kyva Murphy from Swords spoke to the County Leader about how her daughter, Kelly now 17, has not been able to attend school since she received the vaccine three years ago.
Kyva contacted this newspaper to let us know about the upcoming documentary and said. “Since this was first reported and the support group REGRET was set up, there are many more reports of families being affected by Gardasil. Indeed many of them are families from the North County, so hopefully, this documentary will go a long way to us getting the support and recognition we truly deserve,” she said.