O’Brien Urges Voters To Register


Green Party General Election candidate, Joe O’Brien has urged the electorate to come out in force for the general election in 2016, as a mark of respect to those who sacrificed so much in 1916 and in the following War of Independence and civil war.
Mr. O’Brien’s Grandfather served as a Commandant in the Irish Volunteers in Cork in 1916. O’Brien stated that, “2016 is a very big year for Ireland. There will be a very important General Election in 2016. For that reason and also as a mark of respect to all the sacrifices made by people in 1916 and in all the conflicts of the time that were in one way or another tied to cause of sovereignty, I hope people come out in force to cast their ballot. I have certainly been inspired by the fact that my Grandfather was prepared to take serious risks and make sacrifices to do what he felt his country needed.”
He also urged first time voters to cast their first ever ballot. On this he said, “I am not just talking about people who are turning 18, but also those who have been disenfranchised by the political system and have decided not to vote. This is not an issue we adequately engage with in Ireland – the fact that a significant minority of people don’t see the point in using their vote. What a great year to cast your first ever vote, but only if you are registered.”