New Plan To Tackle Crime And Burglary


Local TD Alan Farrell (FG) has recently commented on the new Anti-Crime and Burglary response by An Garda Síochána. According to Farrell, this will crack down on crime in the country, including the North County. Many rural areas have been subjected to burglaries across the country recently, and this plan will come as a relief to those living in rural North County Dublin.
“This new Anti-Crime and Burglary response, named Operation Thor, was welcomed by Farrell, who said, “This new plan will be backed up by increased Government investment of xxx5 million, a tougher law on sentences and stricter bail for repeat offenders,” he added.
He further stated that Operation Thor is aimed at tackling burglars, organised crime gangs and prolific offenders as well as working with the communities to prevent crime. Key elements include the use of new high powered vehicles by the armed Regional Response Units, extra high-visibility patrols in identified burglary hotspots, the increased use of checkpoints to tackle criminal gangs using the national road network, a high-profile national crime prevention awareness campaign to be launched later this month, as well as programmes to help reduce re-offending by prolific offenders and enhanced support for victims.
“Burglaries have a terrible and unacceptable impact on families and communities nationwide, both urban and rural. It is important to invest in more Gardaí and vehicles and to strengthen the law to crack down on serious and repeat offenders,” he concluded.