New Candidate For The North County

Roslyn FullerDr Roslyn Fuller, who has declared her candidacy in the forthcoming General Election

Legal academic and author, Dr. Roslyn Fuller, who lives in Malahide, has announced her candidacy for the new five-seater Dublin Fingal constituency. She is standing as an Independent candidate.
Having studied democracy for over a decade and the impact austerity and neo-liberal economic policies have had on many countries, she is advocating a system of direct, digital democracy and believes that Ireland is in a great position to take advantage of advances in technology to transform its political system.
“Politics has traditionally been about trust. You need to decide which candidate you like and hope that they and their party deliver. Unlike other candidates, I am not asking for people’s trust. I want to work together with people in the North County in a way that delivers real, continuous accountability. If elected, I will run regular online assemblies in the locality and agree to be bound by the views of my constituents,” Dr. Fuller said.
Dr. Fuller continued that participation should put people in the driver’s seat of politics and let them take a tangible role in the real decisions that affect their everyday lives.
“Participation is often used in a fluffy, tokenistic way where people are asked to have a say, only to have their views later brushed aside or belittled and ignored,” Fuller stated.
While the local candidate has a strong record of community involvement, she won a MaMa Award in 2011 for her authors group’s work on engaging immigrant communities in literature. Dr. Fuller believes that the role of a TD should focus less on local council matters and more on national politics.