Redmond Leaves Fine Gael

Keith RedmondKeith Redmond

Local councillor, Keith Redmond has decided to leave Fine Gael and has joined new party, Renua Ireland last week.
Redmond, who was elected as a Fine Gael councillor to Fingal County Council in 2014 is a practising dentist in Sutton and lives in Malahide. However, when contacted by the County Leader on plans to run for his new party in the General Election, he was non committed. He said, “Everything has happened so fast that I have not had time to think about it.” When asked if he would run if asked, he said he was equally vague and was reluctant to go into any detail.
Commenting on his decision to join Renua Ireland, he said, ‘‘It was quite difficult, I have many friends in Fine Gael and there are many members of the party that I sincerely respect. I have, however, found it increasingly difficult to support a party which appears to be drifting ever further away from the radical reforming agenda that it put to the people in 2011’’.
Redmond also said his decision to join the new party was strongly influenced by their Flat Tax policy.
‘’This was the fork in the political road I needed. Flat tax for me means that at last Ireland has the opportunity to have a real debate about radical tax reform that will transform the lives of working people. It allows me to believe that there is a purpose in political activity again’’.
Renua Ireland party leader, Lucinda Creighton welcomed the arrival of Redmond when she said, ‘‘Developing strong Renua Ireland representation on local authorities is a key political priority for us. Renua intends to prioritise real reform of local government in our election manifesto as part of our core value of focusing on that school of political reform that changes people’s lives in theory rather than practice.,” she said.