DAA Clarifies Airport City Speculation

Dublin Airport, Terminal 2Dublin Airport, Terminal 2

As reported in the national press and radio over the weekend, a massive development is planned by Dublin Airport Authority (daa) to build a 3.2 million square foot airport style city, adjacent to the airport. National media speculated that the project will be constructed over a 15 year period, in what will be one of Ireland’s largest ever building projects.
The report says that the new development, to be called Dublin Airport Central, will cost a whopping E1 billion to build, will be made up primarily of new offices, hotels, cafes and recreational facilities, creating a high-tech airport city. The size and scale of the new project is expected to be approximately three times the size of Dundrum Shopping centre. However, when contacted by the County Leader, a DAA spokesperson told this newspaper that the numbers speculated in the national media are completely incorrect. “This is a 25-30 year project and if we delivered 60,000 sq metres of development in the first 10 years we would be doing well.”
The statement continued, “DAA has stated since 2013 that it intends to redevelop a 70-acre site at Dublin Airport over a 25-30 year timeframe. The site in question, which has high technology zoning, is not required for direct airport operations. It is too early at this stage to speculate on the quantum of development that may take place over the next three decades. Any decision to proceed with the commercial development of this site is dependent on a number of planning and commercial issues. Market demand over time would be a key consideration for the potential 30-year development programme.”