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Malahide Girl Makes Musical History

Pictured is Malahide musician Lauryn Gaffney.Pictured is Malahide musician Lauryn Gaffney.

Twenty-two year old Lauryn Gaffney from Malahide is making waves in the musical theatre world, thanks to the huge success of her original production, ‘Big Shot.’ Lauryn and her talented cast and crew recently received outstanding critical acclaim after the USA premiere of her Irish musical at the year’s San Diego International Fringe Festival. The talented local wrote the lyrics, music and script for the musical, which is going from strength to strength since it premiered in her college days.
Big Shot tells the story of Jeremy Crocker, a savvy defence lawyer thriving in New York City’s bustling legal profession. Despite his ambitions, Crocker falls in love with Carrie, a struggling Irish artist
who works in Crocker’s go-to café in Downtown Manhattan. Although the two become ever more infatuated by each other, the romance threatens to derail Crocker’s career, with particular regard to a dubious new defence case he has taken on. Does Crocker follow his heart or stick with his legal client obligations? The theme of the story is love, justice and living in the moment.
Lauryn said the inspiration for the musical literally just came to her. “The inspiration behind the whole thing just happened I actually just thought of the story one night as I was sitting at my piano – I had known that I wanted to write a musical for years anyway,” she told the County Leader. Lauryn created Big Shot in its entirety from the storyline, to the music and the song lyrics and she finished her play in her final year of college before getting a production together and showcasing it in both St Pat’s and DCU.
As both shows went down a storm, once college was done Lauryn re-cast the show and moved it to a few more venues, before applying successfully to the San Diego Fringe Festival, which Lauryn said was amazing. “The whole experience in San Diego was incredible, and musical was awarded the ‘Spirit of Fringe’ Award, which we didn’t expect at all,” she continued.
Following a successful five nights in California and one night in Mexico the cast were also part of World Theatre History by being part of the first ever Bi-National Fringe Festival. Next up for Lauryn, who is currently a vocal trainer in Swords, is to get Big Shot performed in a Dublin venue and possibly a show in New York City. “We’re looking to try to get more financial and professional help for the next shows to make it bigger and better than ever,” Lauryn added. “We’re still learning as we go along but trying to get things together for the next shows. The dream is to get to New York.”