Dublin Airport Preparing For Super Jumbo

Emirates Airbus A380Emirates Airbus A380

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) is set to make major adjustments to facilitate Emirates Airlines to begin operating the world’s largest passenger jet at the airport.
The new Airbus 380 requires specialist equipment to handle it, such is its size. A specially built airbridge is needed at Terminal 2 to facilitate the giant double decker aircraft, which can accommodate 529 passengers and has a full bar and lounge, as well as showers for its passengers. The DAA has sought clarification from Fingal County Council that the proposed new airbridge will be exempt from planning permission. However it is expected that the airport will face a number of logistical challenges before the huge airline can use the airport. DAA are in the process of making sure that all aircraft can be accommodated at the airport, considering the increase in demand and the importance of ensuring connectivity with international airports, where such aircrafts are located. This comes as Emirates are looking to increase capacity on its Dublin-Dubai route.