O’Brien Wants Carbon Neutral Plan For Skerries


Green Party representative for the North County Joe O’Brien, has made his own submission to the County Council regarding the Fingal Development Plan 2017-23, and he has placed a special emphasis on carbon neutral development, which he would like to see happen in Skerries and in towns across the locality.
“Development Plans are by nature broad documents with a wide scope of issues covered. This is only right but it should not preclude the Fingal Development Plan 2017-23 from considering very specific proposals that involved a wide variety of factors. Issues in relation to climate change, economic development, green infrastructure, natural heritage and impacts on the environment are all covered in the development plan consultation document,” O’Brien explained.
“My particular submission is made in the spirit of pulling a range of themes together under one very ambitious but viable proposal. I am proposing that the development plan includes a framework for the development of a carbon neutral town in the North County,” he said.
O’Brien also explained that he included an example of the Low Carbon City Plan for the city of Freemantle in Australia, along with a very initial concept document for a carbon neutral town in the North County in his submission.
“For the purposes of the concept document I used the town of Skerries but it could be used for any town in the North County. The benefits of a model carbon neutral town are multiple from attracting and generating innovative green tech companies, acting as an exemplar for the national level, very significant community benefits and benefits to individual households, tourism benefits and significant increases in employment,” he said, also briefly outlining what would need to happen to get the proposal brought to life:
“A detailed research project would be undertaken to estimate Skerries sources of carbon emissions and in conjunction with the community to develop a wide suite of options as to how these emissions could be reduced dramatically or eliminated. Emissions associated with Skerries use of electricity would also need to be considered and offset. The project would also detail options for the development of carbon sinks in the Skerries area (such as tree planting) or other methods to offset carbon emissions. Periodic assessments of Skerries carbon footprint would need to be carried out and even after carbon neutrality is achieved assessments would be needed to ensure compliance with the target,” he said in his submission.
I would urge the County Manager to give serious consideration to my proposal,” O’brien concluded.