New Location Confirmed For Malahide School

Alan Farrell rugby clubAlan Farrell TD is pictured on the site of the old Malahide Rugby Club, with the clubhouse in the background. It has been earmarked as the location for the new Malahide Portmarncock Educate Together National School

There is great news for parents and school-goers in Malahide, with the news that a site has been selected for Malahide/Portmarnock Educate Together primary school. Local TD, Alan Farrell (FG) confirmed exclusively to the County Leader that it is his understanding that the site of the Old Rugby Club on the Back Road, Malahide is likely to be the future home of the Malahide/Portmarnock Educate Together primary school.
Confirming the news, Farrell said: “Local sources have informed me, following discussions between Fingal County Council and the Department of Education and Skills, that the site of the Old Rugby Club on the Back Road, Malahide, is being considered as the future home of for the new Malahide/Portmarnock Educate Together. While the Department of Education and Skills could not confirm the finality of the agreement, it is my understanding that the old clubhouse, vacant for over ten years, would be renovated and utilised as a school building. As the demand for places increases, a new school building will be provided on the site,” he said.
Farrell was very positive about the impact that such a move will have on the immediate area in Malahide. “The importance of this Government’s investment in the school not only benefits the educational framework in the community, but it would also provide a vital piece of social infrastructure to the local area, particularly as the Back Road will be developed in the years to come having been zoned by the Council as land for residential use,” he said.
“Sites in Portmarnock were actively considered; however, after much discussion, I have been informed that the site of the Old Rugby Club was the most favourable option, particularly in terms of facilitating future levels of demand for primary school places.”
“Once it is confirmed that the site has been selected for the new primary school, the process can continue to move forward and we shall have a new school in our local community in the coming years.”
At present Malahide/ Portmarnock Educate Together primary school has been up and running since last September and they have one class of about 20 junior infants, with a principal, a teacher and a support teacher. At present they are in a classroom in Holywell Educate Together NS. The understanding was that this arrangement would last until a suitable site was acquired for building the new school. The date for the commencement of the new school is uncertain, but the expectation is that a new building will be required, as the old rugby club clubhouse is unlikely to be suitable for the new school. Farrell believes that September 2017 would be a likely date for the opening of the school.
Farrell continued, “I have long held the view that Malahide required an additional primary school to cater for growing demand. As far back as 2006, I made an enquiry with the planning department of Fingal County Council and the Department of Education and Skills as to the provision of a site in the Malahide/Portmarnock area. At the time, I was mistakenly informed that the provision of such a site was not required. With its growing young population, there is no doubt in my mind that further investment in classroom space will be necessary in the coming years, particularly at second level. The progression of the new Malahide/Portmarnock primary school will be great news for many families in the wider community as it will assist in tackling the capacity issue which many of our primary level schools are currently facing,” he concluded.