Progress Made On Swords Cultural Quarter

Here is an Architectural Plan of Swords when its Cultural Quarter is completed.Here is an Architectural Plan of Swords when its Cultural Quarter is completed.

Following on from our recent article announcing a brand new masterplan for Swords, substantial progress is being made on the plans to revamp and revive the town, with work on the castle and surrounding main street in the form of a Cultural Quarter for the area.
In 2014 the Conservation Plan for Swords Castle was published. This identifies actions to take the castle onwards into the future ensuring its conservation and allowing it to be enjoyed by everyone. The County Council has mentioned the projects that have been undertaken so far, which include: The stabilisation of the gatehouse, as well as new interpretation panels have been designed for the castle and incorporate some of the content from the Conservation Plan.
Surveys were carried out as part of their work. These surveys identified some sub surface anomalies in the central area that are worthy of excavation. It is planned that whatever excavation work takes place, there will be public interaction with the process, according to the local authority. The local authority also note that a design team has been procured in order to start design work associated with the reconstruction of the vault over the main entrance. A programme of ivy removal has just started also.
In addition, the Council are in the process of creating a masterplan for the area around the castle to be known as Swords Cultural Quarter. Some of its projects include: a new major central public and civic space outside Swords Castle, new Library/Civic Centre building to sit alongside County Hall, new landscape interventions in the park and the town, and the creation of a Hub or Cultural quarter on North Street and the Main Street. Paul Reid, CEO of Fingal County Council said: “This new development will provide a civic and cultural space which will benefit citizens, the business community and visitors.”
Local councillor Darragh Butler (FG), welcomed the progress enthusiastically:
“It is great to see progress being made with regards to Swords Castle. It is estimated that around 3,000 people took the opportunity to see inside the Castle grounds and inside the refurbished chapel on St. Patrick’s Day and I really look forward to the Castle being open to Swords residents and visitors over the summer months,” he told the County Leader. “I am really optimistic with regard to Swords Castle and Swords Main Street. Another initiative from the County Council is to try and win a Purple Flag for Swords. A Purple Flag is awarded to town centres that prove they are vibrant, safe and well managed in the evening and at night-time with a view to promoting a quality evening and night-time economy offer to local, regional, national and international visitors,” he added.