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Real Balbriggan A Must Have Book

Real Balbriggan is a book which could be described as a sort of time machine. It stops the clock in 2014, and takes an honest look at the town, as seen through the eyes of all those living in it.  But it also looks back with its many pictures, comparing old streetscapes to new ones.  And of course, there is always the beauty of the coastline that journeys alongside Balbriggan.  

Seán Corrigan, who played a significant role in seeing this book come to life tells us how the production of such a book came about.  “We first published a similar book back in 1998 – just before Balbriggan was bye-passed.  The reason then was to capture the town as it was before, what everyone felt, was going to be a turning point for the town.”  Real Balbriggan is available in all shops around Balbriggan and retails for only €15