Award Winning Workshop Arrives At Lusk School

Pictured here is Deirdre Kelleghan with pupils from Lusk National School during Deirdre's recent 'Deadly Moons' workshop.

Local woman, Deirdre Kelleghan was recently invited by Lusk National School to carry out a workshop, titled ‘Deadly Moons’ for the pupils. Over the course of two sessions, over 200 children from the local school attended this workshop. 

Deadly Moons is an award winning workshop, which teaches children about  amazing moons in our solar system as well as the moon itself. “My workshop was awarded  The Science Prize for Online Resources in Education from the American Association for the Advancement of Science,” she explained to the County Leader. She went on to explain the reason for the workshop’s somewhat quirky title: “I called it  ‘Deadly Moons,’ because hundreds of children who have  looked at the moon in my telescope say “ that’s deadly!” she said.  “It has been several years since I had a request to run this drawing workshop and it was as much fun as ever.”  She said that the children were very proud of their work. “The floor of the school hall was a rainbow of colour in the aftermath, as 220 moons departed the hall for the classrooms,” she continued. I want to say a big thanks to the teachers of Lusk National School for their co-operation in this event which had been postponed from Science Week 2014,” she concluded.